Making hay or making heavy weather has its similar meaning. It could have been the case for the befuddled or overwhelmed new smallholding property owner, not knowing which way to turn in terms of turning his small property into a functional agricultural enterprise. He may not yet know how to work with traditional farming implements, particularly those that are tooled ‘by hand’. But today, developments have helped to make the life of the smallholding owner’s life a lot less challenging and disingenuous.

Take the hay spear kit for instance. It is an essential set of tools if you are going to be keeping a small batch of livestock on your property, particularly horses and cattle. The spear kit is required to help manufacture feed for the animals. A utility auger also comes to mind. The advantage of the kit system is that farming work is compact and enables the possibility of greater efficiency across all areas of the farmer’s life.

hay spear kit

The materially organic aspect of farming life for small-scale (startup) farmers coincides with the use of the sustainable tools. This is worth mentioning. In terms of the tools being sustainable, they may be mechanized in a sense in the way they are made up but they require little or no energy consumption. And in any event, the small-scale farmer has every opportunity these days to buy into renewable and organic energy consumption practices.

These will include solar and wind power and now the manufacture of bio-fuels. Interestingly, wind power has been used by hardworking farmers since time immemorial. You would surely have seen these landscape icons from time to time when you were out on your countryside drive. Farming life that is essentially and wholly organic is a lot more practical than conventional, industrial-scale farming.